Show the ___

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​When you clearly show why investing in your offer is worth it, it’s easier for someone to say “I’m in!”

Like if a $5,000 investment regularly brings people in 10 times that, so it gives them $50,000 within the year - well, it kind of makes it a no brainer.

And return doesn't have to be measured in money, either 😉

​However you gauge return is relative to your peeps and your offer

So it can be stuff like time spent with your kiddos, the confidence to rock the interview and land their dream job, or the weight they lost and confidence they gained because of it.

I even had a friend who calculates the ROI on potential apartments! She thinks about everything from the place itself, to her ability to walk to the grocery store, overall happiness - so if your outcomes aren’t money related, you’re in a good spot! Return isn’t just about the dollars and cents.

And just like The Core Four, you gotta connect the dots.

So tell a story around somebody who is living out their amazing new life after getting the return on the investment of working with you.

Once you know how much it's worth for LOT to get that result, it makes it a lot easier to actually do the next step...

And this is 1 of the things that people dread the most. It’s about to get a heckuva lot easier 🙌

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