Are you secretly “leaking” sales?
A quick fix to plug it


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You know those people who tell draggy, meandering stories that have you going "Just get to the freaking point already!"

The same thing can happen on a sales page - and can be a BIG reason you’re losing conversions.

From the time someone clicks “Buy Now” on the sales page…

To the final button on the checkout page…

This process can be a huuuuge ‘leaky bucket’ where you’re losing sales.

And the more steps / clicks / pages you have, the bigger the chance someone’s going to talk themselves out of it. (Or just get stuck along the way!)

So take a good hard look at how you can get them through the checkout process faster.

If you can speed them through in 5 clicks instead of 8, your conversion rate’s going to spike.

You might even have to look into the shopping cart system. They’re all slightly different, so you may need to “shop around” (pun intended!) to find one that works better for ya.

Go through your entire purchase process yourself and look for those leaks, plug them up, and watch your conversion rate jump!

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