“Can a virtual workshop cost as much as a finished course?”


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Helloooo, any perfectionists in the house?

*Slowly raises hand* 🙋‍♀️

I call myself a recovering perfectionist, but sometimes I'm just a straight-up perfectionist.

Of course we’d love to put products out that are always perfect - beautiful video, gorgeous platform, wonderfully done workbooks - but often when we're starting out, we're just not there yet.

So running a beta version of your program as a live workshop (like on Zoom) is a perfect way to get going.  

You get instant feedback so you see what’s working and where the gaps are.

You can start, like, now.

No squirreling behind making that ‘perfect program’ time sink.

THEN you have a great roadmap for the content you can put in your final program!

But most people wonder…

“Can I charge as much for a workshop version as I can a completed course?”

One word: YES.

Instead of getting caught up in why your live version “isn’t as professional as a recorded version” look at the awesome benefits:

▶︎ A more intimate experience (they can ask questions, live!)

▶︎ They get to shape the program into exactly what they need

▶︎ They’ll actually PAY ATTENTION (instead of buying a course and never going through it because, #life)

There are some programs that specifically run a live version once or twice a year - and charge a premium for this high-touch experience.

Would you workshop a product to get going?  Lemme know in the comments!

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