Sneaky sales blocks which can kill any launch


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No matter how well you know your dream customer…

During a launch there will be things that come up you would have never even imagined.

Unless you are doing the exact same launch at the exact same time of year to the exact same people, you’ll likely end up uncovering sneaky hidden objections which seriously block you.

This is why it's so important to understand how to write copy and overcome objections on the fly.

Because let’s face it - even if you hired a copywriter, by the time you launch their work is done.  They’re gone. Their contract is done and dusted. You can't go back and say, "Hey, all these other objections came up. What do I do now?"

It’s up to you!

It’s your product.  It’s your launch. It’s you and your team who’ll be there to step up to the plate.

Sale page, ads, emails, Facebook Lives… you need to make changes on the fly to your launch copy to make the sale.

This is why copy is one of the most critically important skills for any business owner to learn, regardless of whether or not you are outsourcing it or not.  Those mad skills come in handy when going after the sales numbers you want!

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