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Sometimes it feels like there’s ENDLESS things to do when running a biz.

Checklists grow longer no matter how many things you tick off.

There’s no ‘9-5’ hours to contain things.

It's easy to get wrapped up feeling like you've got to do it ALL- and you can't move forward until you have errrrrything done.

Do you feel it? I sure do.

And it’s a nasty recipe for overwhelm.

So when I’m feelin’ it, I ask myself this one question….

“What am I willing to let go of right now?”

I love this question because it acknowledges that you are CHOOSING not to do things.

It honors the fact you aren’t forgetting something, you’re making a respectable choice.

This is a conscious decision to let some things go and not do the most optimized version, just for the sake of getting things done.

Your dream customers are waiting for whatever you're trying to get out into the world, and they're gonna get results better if it's actually available!

You can always go back and improve things later. Getting a live, working version out into the world is 100% better than staying stuck.

So tell me in the comments what you’re willing to let go of right now ❤️

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