April 17

SHS16: What to do when your launch flops

What to do when your launch flops


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Your big launch…

The one you had all of your hopes pinned on…

Is an EPIC Titanic-level flop.

First of all, I know what you're feeling - and I know how painful it is. Hand on heart, I get you a million percent.

And you're allowed to feel the feels. You’re also allowed to the that pain go.

Once you’ve gone through the 7 stages of grief, it’s time to ask yourself honestly…

What did you learn from the flop?

Because every time something fails, we learn.

When we have success we learn what works - but we also don't learn how to get better. We just stay in the comfort zone.

Failure pushes us forward.

And it's not like failure is the opposite of success, it’s actually PART of success.

This is your chance to step back and take stock of these lessons that wouldn't have come up otherwise.

If you hadn't launched, if you hadn't put something out there, you would have never had the opportunity to have these lessons that will make you better for next time.

One thing you can do…

Send out a survey to the people asking why they didn't buy. And you're probably going to get a lot of things like, "It's too expensive," "It's not the right time," or something like that…

But you're also going to get deeper insights.

Look for the people who are giving you longer, more in-depth responses - because they are the ones taking the time to talk about it.

Feeling extra brave? Ask if they’ll jump on a quick call with ya.

You can really get to the root of what stopped them from buying, and also bounce ideas off them and get IMMEDIATE response whether they think it’s worth pursuing or not.

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Katie Momo


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