How can you spot a buyer?


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How can you spot a buyer? It's actually easier than you might think.

I know, it's kind of like having a crystal ball and seeing who is going to actually become a customer as opposed to just a subscriber, a follower, someone in your audience.

Well, look for the people who are binge-consuming everything you've got.

Those are the people who are most likely going to buy, because they want everything you're putting out there.

Look at your subscribers and see who has downloaded multiple lead magnets. Those are the people that are about to buy from you - especially if it’s in a super short, recent timeframe.

Of course, there's the occasional people who just want the freebies...

But most of the time, binge consumers are desperate for the next step and they're getting their hands on everything that they can.

They're scrambling to get more from you, and just waiting to buy.

So that's why it's great to have multiple lead magnets to give people the chance to interact with you on a deeper level - and give you a really good gauge of who's going to become a customer.

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