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Ever had a ‘Facebook memory’ come up - and you don’t even remember BEING there?

(Plz say it’s not just me!!)

Well, just think about how much data Facebook has about you…

And how crazy powerful that is for marketing.

I'm sure that you've heard a million times that Facebook is one of the greatest advertising platforms ever - and it's true. When you think about it in terms of getting leads it is absolutely one of the most powerful platforms out there.

So, think about Facebook and ALL that it knows - versus something like Twitter. Twitter has really surface level information. It has your handle, it knows your name, it has some information about tweets - but it scrapes the surface compared to what Facebook has.

So where your leads come from makes a HUGE difference, because you’re either pulling from a pool of deep data or just skimming the surface. The deeper the data, the more leads you can get that match your ideal buyer profile.

When your Facebook targeting is on point, it’s practically guaranteed you’ll reach the right people.

Twitter and other ‘surface level’ platforms? Not so much. You might get cheaper leads here, but they’re not going to convert… and can be a lot more expensive in the long run when you have to start over searching for more valuable leads.

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