My sales increased drastically after doing this”

The complete 'plug-n-play' system to getting social proof that sells for you

Shortcut credibility, authority and trust to have more peeps clickin’ buttons and typin’ PayPal deets 🙌 

My sales increased drastically after doing this”

Get the RIGHT testimonials that sell for you!

Shortcut credibility, authority and trust to have more peeps clickin’ buttons and typin’ PayPal deets 🙌 

The complete 'plug-n-play' system to social proof that sells

“I’m JUST gonna look”

... you promise yourself, clicking the link to check out the offer.

You don’t want it.

Don’t need it.

WAIT. Hold up.  

What does that case study say?

This bish used the program to create your dream life (ugh, her house looks JUST like the one on your vision board!) while you still ride the strugglebus.  

Hmm.  Maybe this IS what you need, it worked for her... 

Not gonna join. Nope.

Swiftly you shut your MacBook with defiance.

And the resolve holds - till that ‘last chance’ email hits your inbox.

Suddenly you’re kicked into high gear when you realize what’s a stake and about to slip away…

Wait! I NEED this. Ermigherd PLEASE still be open!

Buzzing with excitement, relief, and ‘what the hell am I doing, it’s soooo wrong but soooo right’ you One Touch PayPal your way to a new you.

THIS IS IT. It's all coming together. 

Next time, it’s gonna be YOU featured on that page.

Ummm, been there?

Yo, I’m a course junkie too. This is a safe space.

It takes a hell of a lot to create a high-converting sales page (I know, I’ve helped clients bring in over 12 mil).  But,

There’s ONE thing that turns even a half-baked mediocre page into a winner

It has the staying power of the latest T-Swift song that gets stuck in your head…

It gives undeniable, reliable, justifiable, verifiable proof that it works (perfect for ‘rationally justifying’ purchases to skeptical spouses)…

It triggers deep-rooted internal FOMO which gets people clickin’ buttons (and amplifies the power of a countdown timer if you use one)…

You need

It’s the best copy you’ll ever never write

Do this and your customers give you “shut up and take my money!” copy that’s 10X more powerful than anything you’d write - and it’s perfectly packaged up to ‘paste’ into your page  🙌

Get everything you need to auto-magically engineer social proof that gets people pulling out their credit card.

I'm paid $1000 an hour to coach high-end clients how to do this - and I'm sharing my ‘black book’ of bankable social proof strategies with you for just $27!

Start your automated

Social Proof System in a snap

with done-for-you tools

Ready-to-use survey to start collecting social proof that sells today

Copy|Paste messages that plug straight into your autoresponder

Step-by-step checklist to activate your Social Proof System ASAP

Randall Garcia

Top Medicare Sales Coach

Went from $0 - $22,000 in the FIRST launch of this brand-new business

“Hands down the greatest investment”

Before working with Katie and Michael, my launch was non-existent.

They extracted the best content out of me, craft the perfect launch strategy, and helped me shine like a rockstar… they ARE the TOP launch strategists and digital marketers of today. 

I've invested tens of thousands of dollars on coaches and consultants, but Katie and Michael have been hands down the greatest investment of my money. 

Turn lurkers into buyers with Social Proof That Sells

Here's what's inside!

The “Double S” rule which makes social proof unshakeably real and gives people confidence to buy

The hidden advantage of social proof (fuel a perpetual sales engine) 

6 things to add which make ANY testimonial more effective

Shut down objections and get people buying with this strategy

Find organic ’underground’ proof - and encourage it naturally

The hidden place to collect social proof you’re missing

​How to ask for social proof #likeaboss - no feeling awk!

​The 1 word you MUST use when asking for a testimonial (this changes everything)

​How to set up an automated system to collect social proof

The “One-Click Message” which makes getting the goods a breeze

Edit testimonials so they’re true to the original without the babbling

What you need at the top VS bottom of funnel - yes it’s different!!

My fav social proof ‘recipes’ (makes sense when you see the process)

 Step-by-step checklist to activate your Social Proof System ASAP

All this for just $27

Get social proof that sells for you

Lemme  show  you  around!

Engineer share-worthy social proof that fuels your sales

​Plus, it’s SO DAMN GOOD to see your wins

When you see in black-and-white how much you’ve helped someone, it raises…

Your confidence, so you can double-down on your efforts

Your vibe on a dumpy day - snap outta a funk like THAT #warmfuzzies

It can even raise your prices when you see the baller results you get

Side effects include inner glow, delight + courage

Oh haiiii!

I’m Katie Momo, sales strategist and copy expert. 

Psst... can I let you in on a lil' secret?

There’s 1 consistent slam-dunk strategy to increase your sales.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a course, group program, membership, digital product, physical product, you name it…

Social proof (the right social proof) from raving fans is hands-down how you get more people buying.  

PLUS… and this is a big one… it doesn’t FEEL salesy 🙌

Let's turn your customers into the secret sales force you never knew you had.

Featured by smart + influential brands

Add a splash of social proof here…

Sales pages



Sales calls






Discovery calls



Speaking gigs


Guest features


Is that a thought bubble over your head?


Does it work if I have a course, membership, group program, mastermind, live event, physical product, digital product, service, etceteraaaaa?

How does it work?

How long does it take to go through?

Still have a question?  Pop me a message using the chatbox in the bottom right corner!

​If you're ready to...

Boost sales with rock-solid testimonials that have people giddily clicking LastPass to fill in their Visa digits

Jump on every (hidden!) opportunity to get ‘shut up and take my money’ social proof that fuels your business

Have undeniable, justifiable, verifiable proof your offer is exactly what your dream customer needs (like now)

Steal my plug + play tools to effortlessly activate your automatic Social Proof System

​Give people internal FOMO and have them buy with ease instead of pressure or sleaze

​Turn your best customers into your secret sales force who sing your praises 24/7 on your page

You're ready for

Get it now for just $27!

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