Take time off from business

Back away from the business.

Coming from someone who really loves to work, taking time away from the business is a hard concept.

Truth is, stepping away from the business is important (and healthy) for both you and your business. If you want to improve your biz life, you’ve gotta improve your personal life too!

We’ve all got demands on our time – usual life errands, partners, family… Between blog posts and banking, soccer practice and social media, days just fly by. It’s easy to overlook taking time for yourself.

If this pattern continues, you can even forget about your other passions.

Being an entrepreneur can be like having an overbearing relationship.
It can become all-consuming to the point where you forget about other bits of yourself.

It’s time to focus on yourself!  Check out my favorite recommendations for disconnecting from your business.

Unplug + unwind

Turn it off.

Turn it all off!

No matter which way you choose to relax, unplugging is a wonderful first step.

Nothing can be more relaxing than ditching the digital devices.

You don’t need to Instagram every coffee you drink or compulsively check email. The world will keep turning and you can focus on other things. Or, focus on nothing at all if that’s more your style.

Hire help

Keep the wheels of your business turning while tuning out.

Hiring help lets you rest easy. It feels good to know that your business is still moving forward even when you’re out of the office – both physically and mentally.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be business related, either. Sometimes getting other tasks off your plate (like cleaning or grocery shopping) will give you the breathing room you need to slow down and relax.

Treat yo’self

Go to the spa. Get whatever treatment will make you feel like a queen.

For me, having a massage is a sure way to relax. There’s too many benefits to name, but two in particular stand out for entrepreneurs.

For us computer-bound people, it can be a dream to stretch out those tense neck and shoulder muscles. Most importantly, it helps calm your mind so you can have a real break from your biz.

If going to a spa isn’t in the cards, treat yourself to an at-home spa day!

Pick up a hobby

I’ll admit it… I went through a loooong time without having a hobby.

As adults, we get wrapped up in doing practical things.

Gotta move forward. Gotta improve. Gotta progress.

Sometimes, we get so deep in the thick of Life that we can’t even remember things which invigorated us outside of our business.

For me, this feels raw. Embarrassing. Vulnerable. Why am I so boring? Shouldn’t I be be doing more things other than just working? (Yes. Yes I should.)

Do I really have to work so hard – sometimes just to tread water? (I promise a future post about living in the world’s 2nd most unaffordable city. FYI, the world’s top unaffordable city is currently Hong Kong.)

If you feel this too – it’s OK. Life is overwhelming. Time to take some of it back – just for you.

Find a passion

If you’re hunting for a hobby, look back at the things you loved to do.  Waaaaaay back, all the way to childhood.

List all the things you enjoyed doing as a kid, a young adult, and so on. Then, make another list of the things you’d wanted to do, but never did.  You’d probably enjoy a lot of those things now – and it may be the perfect time to start!

Need some inspiration? Check out this mega list of hobbies for ideas.

Being a beginner is refreshing.

You have the freedom to suck, and no one cares because everyone’s been there.

There’s nothing riding on your hobby. You aren’t staking your professional reputation on it, because it has nothing to do with your work. This is for you. Only. You.

You’ve never picked up a ukulele before? Always wanted to do rock climbing? Awesome. Time to start.

Get outta town

There’s nothing like interrupting your usual grind than by going away on vacation!

Our brains love novelty. Putting yourself in a new city, experiencing new things, maybe even toying with a new language invigorates the senses and inspires creativity!

I’ve gotten some of my best insights while traveling. Exploring new places takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to access skills we don’t otherwise use. Check out this great article about how traveling helps you succeed in business.

You might also collect great ideas from similar businesses on the other side of the planet. You can weave this inspiration into your own company.

When walking through the streets of Paris, I was captivated by the extraordinary architectural details.

Giddy with inspiration (and, let’s face it, red wine), I could barely keep up with the designs which raced through my head. I have a bunch of random shots of buildings which make sense to no one but me – corners, gates, mouldings.

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Time away from our business lets us come back and see things with a fresh perspective. We can notice new solutions, improve practices, and find opportunities.

Sometimes the best answers come when we’re not even looking for them – so go ahead, distract yourself beautifully!

We’re more excited by and engaged in our work once we’ve had a break from it. Plus, having a hobby to look forward to motivates us to work faster so you can get onto doing your thang. And, it gives us a good reason to stop working.

Have fun playing biz hooky!
What’s your favorite way to disconnect from your business?  Leave me a note in the comments – I’d love your advice!

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