​The magic ingredient

Grab your earbuds to listen!

So what’s the key magical ingredient to creating a high-ticket offer?

It's a high-touch component.

People want access to you, your brilliance, and to get EXACTLY what they need - ASAP.

They don’t wanna sit through a program full of videos that only a small part of it applies to them. Or squeeze in a one-size-fits-all service package.

They want to know specifically what works for them, how to apply it, and what works best, STAT. 

There’s people in your audience RIGHT NOW who value time + execution over price...

And are happy shelling out big bucks to get what they're after.

Denise Duffield-Thomas, the Lucky B herself, recommends adding a VIP offer...

Let's shift existing program or process into a high-touch, high-ticket offer that get big results

… and with as little time on your part.

I've been behind the scenes on so many big launches and realized the old way of scaling is fine for some businesses - but if you're like me and a lot of my people, you really want the lifestyle freedom.

And I know we’ve heard the ‘courses are the best way to scale!’ but that’s only true at the VERY low end - getting lots of customers at the low end, which means lots of funnel gibberish and a customer service team…

Or the VERY high end - a mega launch which takes forever to plan and do, a big team to keep things running, and a lot of money spent on ads that *fingers crossed* works (and more often than not is a big, expensive, exhausting disappointment)

So in order to ‘stop trading time for dollars’ people fiddle with funnels or launches, essentially spending their time doing sucky things.

Instead, I like to spend time doing stuff I love… and getting amazing results for clients along the way!

The cool thing is is that since it take your personal time, there’s built-in authentic scarcity. You've only got a limited amount of time set aside for these offers, so you don’t need to manufacture FOMO to get people on board. Having a BIG solution to their BIG problem is enough.

So let’s talk about turning your offer into a high-ticket intensive which you can sell 365 days a year, so you can scale to 6 figures (and beyond!) without the crazy launch hype 🙌

You're  invited  to

create your Scale Small System

1. Turn your existing program or process into a high ticket intensive, which gets better results, faster - and people are happy to pay a premium price for

2. Get messages asking “how can I work with you?” by setting up your Direct To DM lead gen plan.  You'll create posts which have people reaching out to YOU (instead of the other way around!)

3. Create your Everyday Enrolment process so people can join your program every day, on the spot

This intensive has the 3 things you need: 

Training, implementation, and personal support

Laser-focused trainings and Implementation Guides so you start creating your high-ticket intensive ASAP.

Personal support from me so you see how to put this into play in your business.

(No more ‘one size fits all’ training which leaves you scratching your head going okaaaaay, but how does this work for ME?!)

You'll likely cover the investment in just a sale or two.

Want to find out more? Just click the button to send me a quick message asking about the Profit Accelerator. 

If it's a good fit, joining takes just a few minutes and you’ll get full access to all the training and guides straight away.

Talk soon!!

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