The Missing Piece To Profitable Launches

Part 5

Remember when I mentioned that the launch you’ve been taught to do is only really the first part?

We’re about to dive into the little-known, and little-used, second phase.

The real moneymaker.

The ‘launch goldmine’ you were promised, but never materialized.

It was right in front of you all along - you just didn’t know it.

Best of all, it’s supportive and gentle. Waaaay more your style than any of that launch FOMO and "cart's closing!" hoopla.

At this point, your launch lead has tiptoed through the first steps of the buying journey

They’re actively looking to solve this problem.

They see your offer might do that.

This is your chance help them figure out if it's for them.

And you can do this — at scale.

The good news…

Later buyers naturally go through reliable, predictable steps before purchasing

You don’t have to leave it up to chance and coincidence.

This is your opportunity to walk people through the customer journey and give everything they need to confidently go from Point A to Point Buyer.

Best part? You’re already connected in the most profitable places: your email list and Facebook group.

It’s the perfect place to give them exactly what they’re looking for to make a buying decision.

And you can do it naturally, organically, through content they’re already engaging with.

You create content anyway. Why not make it count?

Instead of posting fluff to ‘check the box’, it’s time for it do the heavy-lifting.

Here’s the thing about content…

→ It’s easy to consume. We literally scroll and gobble it up for hours on end

→ It’s unassuming. During a promotion we’re wary and skeptical, but around plain ol’ content? Our guard is down, we’re receptive and open

→ It’s the most powerful sales vehicle in your business. Yes, really

The most underused sales tool doesn’t feel ’salesy’ at all

Just because content neglects the usual trappings of ‘sales copy’ doesn’t mean it’s any less potent - in fact, it’s even more so.

Especially when you pair it with a warm and qualified audience. (Ding ding ding! The very people who went through your launch)

These people now have a relationship with you. They’re listening.

They also have a problem that they truly want to solve.

And they’re looking for ways to fix it.

This is where the magic happens

Thing is, most people don't buy just because they didn't make a decision.

It wasn’t actually a no. It just wasn’t a clear yes.

Something they needed was “missing” from the buying process:

✔️ Content fills the gaps

✔️ Content propels them through the customer journey

✔️ Content shortens the sales cycle by serving up everything they need to know to buy

And most importantly… 

Content stirs up the X-Factor every sale needs: desire

We get tripped up thinking our offer has to be a need.

But think about that for a sec…

Stuff we need to buy is boring.

❌ Car insurance
❌ Toilet paper 

❌ A thermostat. (It died, cutting off the heat for the ENTIRE HOUSE - in the dead of winter. Fakkkk)

Those are needs, and nobody’s eager to buy them. And we wouldn’t if we didn’t have to.

Instead, position your offer as a 'want' because that’s what people are motivated to buy

And when we want something, we do ANYTHING to make it happen.

(Ever bought something even when the ‘timing wasn’t right’ or ‘you didn’t have the money’ just because you had to have it? Yepppp, we all have ;)

Let’s face it: buying stuff is fun!!!

I LOVE joining a new coaching program.

I can’t WAIT to dive into a brand-new course.

I feel AMAZING waltzing around the house in my new maxi dress, envisioning how cute I’ll look wearing it in Rome.

Working in fine jewelry sales I’ve seen firsthand how jazzed people get when they finally find ‘the thing’ they’re looking for.

As author Jeffrey Gitomer says, “people don’t like to be sold - but they love to buy”.

It's why this ‘second phase’ of the launch works so well, and flips everything you’ve been taught on its head…

Desire is more powerful than any sales strategy

You don’t need to sell when you’ve got what people want - they just buy.

People show up to your next round credit card in hand because they’re ready for it.

(Actually, they might even buy before. How good would it feel to launch knowing you’ve already got sales? Takes a load off!)

This is how you sell without selling.

With your invisible sales system in place…

✔️ Costs go DOWN because more people convert.

You can bring less people in your funnel, because over time more people buy. It takes less launches. Less ads. Less affiliates. Less leads.

✔️ Sales go UP because you serve both the Buy Nows and Buy Laters.

You get the best of both worlds: you help the Nows, and unlock the ‘secret door’ to the largest segment of buyers - the Laters.

✔️ People buy FASTER since you give them precisely what they’re looking for.

The sales cycle becomes shorter and more predictable by coaching the sale.

This is what happens by building your strategy around how people actually buy.

It replicates the natural customer journey, and you get to be part of it by intentionally giving them what they need to make a confident buying decision.

This isn’t about hacks or tactics. It’s honors the principles of human behavior - and no matter which platform you use, that doesn’t change.

On the next page you’ll see the 3 steps to making your launch more profitable by catering to both your Now and Later buyers.

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