January 9

Don’t let these silent killers and thieves of dreams sneak up on you


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It’s crazy to think it will be seven years ago this year I left this place. Victoria has been the most favourite place I’ve ever lived… and yet, I left.

And even though it was so, SO hard to do – it was the best thing I ever did.

Walking past where I used to live is like going back in time. I take a glimpse of what life used to be like – and don’t get me wrong, I had a blast here – but I’m also grateful I pushed past that comfortable spot.

“Comfort” is a relative term

It was the comfort zone for sure. But comfortable? Ummm, NO.

Even though I have great friends and had an amazing time, there was always the underlying pressure of being dissatisfied with where I was.

Constant strain. Stress. Scraping to pay off student loans, get by, all while having a life.

But there’s something normal about that, you know? Like, everyone’s doing it. This must be OK. Settle.

I wrestled with the constant chatter from my inner critic. Is it wrong to want more? Shouldn’t I just be happy how things are? What makes me deserving?


But I was hellbent on progress – someway, somehow

I started with what made sense and was within reach first.

I worked 2 jobs to wipe the debt slate clean ASAP. I was constantly haunted by the dark cloud of my student loan and I was desperate to be freed from its clutches.

The day I was liberated was magic.

Not just because it was gone – but because it was a measurable, irrefutable, black-and-white-numbers-on-the-page proof of progress.

It was a seductive cocktail of possibility and hope.

But lemme tell you, it doesn’t always taste sweet.

Moving away from here because Sam’s job was devastating. Neither of us wanted to go… but we both wanted to grow.

Gaining growth meant giving up the place we loved living most, weekly dances with our friends, 5 minute walks to the beach. Resistance is a bitch.

I don’t believe sacrifice is a necessity. But a little can move you along a whole lot faster.


Evolution IS change

You can’t become who you want to be while remaining the same. The different versions of “you” can’t occupy the same space at once.

Growth is simply limited when you’re stagnant.

Most importantly it’s the mental space and hurdles you need to clear. But physical change can give you that freedom you need to make that happen.

And it’s critically important to be intentional about what you want – and make those changes to make it happen. All too easily the years can slip by unnoticed. Just going though the motions of daily life can hijack your dreams.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Netflix binge as much as the next person.

But without being intentional it’s easy for seemingly innocuous activists to be noxious for your goals. Look out for the silent killers. The thieves.

Know what you want, baby. Damn the rest and make it happen.



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