The Truth About Launches

Why the fail, and how to fix them

By Katie Momo, Sales Strategist 

6 part article


You deserve to know the real reason why your launch isn't working.

It's probably not you, your offer, your limiting belief, or whatever other reason you've told yourself.

The very nature of launches sets them up for failure. And it's heartbreaking to watch people put everything on the line, banking that their launch will rake it in - and it doesn't even make their 'good' goal.

Working with businesses behind-the-scenes behind the scenes for years and bringing in over $12 million for clients has given me a unique vantage point very few people see.

The good news is that there is a fix - and it brings more stability, ease, and revenue.

It started the way it often does - with a frantic message.

"I've done everything right, but it's just not working"

I could hear the frustration in her voice message.

"Look, I know my program is great. My clients get amazing results.

I follow every best practice for my launch, but it’s always the same. Something isn't clicking.
Why aren't more people buying?!"

As the go-to sales strategist I hear this question daily.

First, I need numbers. Without that I can't even begin to see what's going on.

"My conversion rate is 6%,” she said morosely.

I was relieved - and gutted.

I had the awkward job of breaking the comforting (yet distressing) news...

"That’s actually really good! In fact, you’re well above average.”

Even with several under their belt, most entrepreneurs still don't understand what to expect from their launch.

And it leaves them feeling unnecessarily demoralized.

Truth is, how we’ve been taught to launch is only part of the strategy.

And it’s the part that is the most work, the most expensive, and brings the least sales.

Here you’ll see why launches as we know it are engineered to fail —

And more importantly, how you can stop leaving money on the table.

Good news is that your launch might actually be working well. If so, you’re THISCLOSE to a major bump in revenue.

This is true even if you feel like your launch is a flop.

We'll cover the true benchmark for launch success in a few minutes, because it's different than you’d expect.

Your launch probably isn’t broken. It’s doing what it should.

What’s missing is the piece after the launch which gets people prepared and excited to buy.

Yes, after.

When you do this, business become more predictable, easy... even fun

You barely have to pitch, handle objections, or deal with any of the salesy stuff you hate.

In fact you can be really crappy at selling — and still make piles of money.

Heck, you don’t even have to “sell” anymore.

People come to you READY to buy. They show up sold.

Before getting into how to make that happen, we need to understand why launches are inherently designed to fail - and what they do tremendously well.

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