7 practical shifts for online experts to

Earn top dollar

(  yes,  even  now! )

✓ Slash your workweek in half 

✓ Get results clients rave about

✓ Add extra 0s to you bank account

Instant binge-worthy access

What do people who’ve taken this say?

​“Just do it!”


What’s the WORST thing to sell when the economy's in the 🚽?

Answer:  Fine diamonds💎

Yep, in 2008 I was selling luxury high-end jewelry.

Can you think of a stupider thing to sell during a recession?

If people (happily!) bought stuff as useless as THAT…

Just think of the opportunity for YOU to offer something wonderful.  (Which I know you do!)

Use these 7 shifts to position your offer high-end.

Perfect  for...



  Service providers



  Course creators



  Service providers



  Course creators

...and  you!

Packed to the brim with golden nuggets

  The 1 sentence that positions you high-end

  How to instantly show your expertise and credibility (plus boost your confidence!)

  4 things people happily shell out big bucks for - in any economy

  The common online biz advice you must ignore when charging top dollar

  How to make your price a “shut up and take my money” no-brainer

  ​The magic ingredient of an irresistible high-end offer

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Oh hai there!

As copywriter and strategist behind over 12 million dollars in sales, I've been called the ‘secret weapon’ of many businesses.

However, being in-demand has its drawbacks...

I completely burned out + had to rebuild my biz from scratch.

I needed a better way to serve people - one which let me share my expertise WHILE protecting my time.

I realized with the right offer + model I could scale without having to launch, manage a team, or build an agency.

I'm sharing 7 key shifts in this binge-worthy training.

Katie Momo

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