Why you should treat your business like your hair

There’s a lot fear around trying something new business.

I hear a lot of people worrying that they’ll do the wrong thing, so they don’t end up making any move at all. This fear holds us back from taking the steps you need to.

So let’s stop thinking about business for a moment and instead talk about something we all can relate to – our hair!

Most of us have a certain ‘look’

The one we default to. You know it works. The color looks good. You know how to style it.

But even the most classic of styles needs to be switched up once in a while!

You know what it’s like. Summer’s coming – chop it off! Winter’s here – let’s make it dark and rich!

It can be a total departure from your usual style. Sometimes you find a new favourite. Sometimes it’s a seasonal thing. Sometimes it’s a disaster.

But even when it is a disaster…

You don’t die. Though, admittedly, sometimes it feels like you will.

I was about 13 and my friend’s mom was my hairdresser. I’d wanted a cute pixie cut – and ended up with a mushroom cut. Yeah. Not the best look on anyone.

After my haircut I was supposed to go shopping with that friend, but I was so burnt up about my haircut I couldn’t go.

At 13, a crummy haircut feels like the end of the world.

I’ll be a social outcast. I’ll never get a boyfriend. I will die miserable, alone, while sporting the world’s worst haircut.

But you know what?  Hair grows back.

My friends didn’t ditch me (even after I bailed on our shopping trip). I have a great guy. I survived the Haircut of Horror and lived to tell the tale.

I didn’t stop styling

I’ve had a hefty share of other hairstyles since. Some awesome (beachy waves!), some horrendous (Black! Tri-colored! An ill-advised self-haircut compliments of kitchen scissors! …and dozens of other ‘what-the-hell-were-you-thinking’ hair moments).

One bad experience didn’t stop me from experimenting. In fact, it made it easier – because I learned I would always survive.

One bad haircut does not make the woman.

So, I know you haven’t had perfect hair.

Seriously, you haven’t. You’ve had your own of hair disasters.

And you know what? You’re still here!  You didn’t give up after a less-than-flattering color or questionable cut.

You weren’t all, “Screw you, scissors! I’ll never get my hair cut again” and resorted to the Cousin It look.


You picked up the phone, made an appointment, and went and got your hair done again.

Plus, you knew more about what you wanted. “I need to be able to put it back in a ponytail” or “I want highlights, but not chunky ones.”

Yep. You learned a lot from the experience – good or bad.

Know what you want

When you experiment, you learn what you don’t want – and what you do want! You’ll figure out which looks are your favorite, and you can always go back to them after experimenting for a while.


In short, treat your business like your hair.

Experiment with it! Have fun with it! Try it for a while and see how you like it.


Bravely get out of the box and try new things in your biz. Like your hair, it’ll almost always be fixable. If you don’t like the new style, you change it to a look which is more ‘you.’

Don’t let the fear of a ‘bad haircut’ keep you from growing your business. Not trying anything new, not changing it up will keep you exactly where you are.

Inaction stemming from the fear of making the wrong move is exactly that – the wrong move. Since inaction is as much as an action as action itself, you may as well use it intentionally!

Go ahead and try a few new things in your biz! You never know what style is going to look absolutely amazing on it.

To stylish new looks – both in business and life,

What new thing have you tried lately in your business? Leave me a note in the comments and tell me about it!

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