March 4

Why I love copywriting




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    • Yep! And btw, You’re videos give life to a skill that doesn’t easily lend itself to video.

      With my personality, I’m surprised I didn’t get into it sooner.

      We need people like you to help others see and expose them to the hidden gem of copywriting!

    • Rick it IS a hidden gem!!

      (Uuuh I admit throughout all the jobs I had, I ended up copywriting without knowing it. It took over a *decade* to realize there’s a name for it, and it’s a legit Thing – not just something which gets dumped on someone while working a job!) Too funny, right?

      The result seems so different but I feel copywriting and video are just degrees apart. It’s all about connection and moving people toward something (whatever that goal is!) 💖

      Can’t wait for our strategy session 🙂

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