8 ways this journal will help you

1. Reach your goals

NBD, you just knocked your biz and life goals out of the park 🎉🎉🎉

This journal gently reminds you of what you're going for, and keeps you on track so you get it done!

2. Know your next steps 

Let’s face it, sometimes the reason we stay stuck is just because we’re over-freakin-whelmed wondering what to do.

Should you do this? That? What about the cool idea you heard on a podcast…? 

Stop “shiny object syndrome” in its tracks by using this journal to find your best next steps! 

3. Develop unshakeable confidence

What would you do if you had the confidence and courage to go after what you truly want?

That’s the magic of looking within for answers - you find what's right for YOU. Feel grounded, centered, and show up to the freakin’ party already! 

(The party being your life and business. You don’t have to go to an actual party #introvertfriendly)

4. More joy & satisfaction every day 

Instead of getting caught up in your never ending to-do list, take a step back for a sec and freakin' celebrate yourself!


Appreciate the little wins and make every day more amazing  :)

5. Silence the voice in your head

Ok, we all have that lil’ voice in your head saying that we’re not good enough, our idea sucks, we’re not working hard enough… on and on.

Use this to stop being so hard on yourself, and turn on your inner cheerleader!

6. Come up with new ideas 

Sometimes just that one little idea is the thing that changes EVERYTHING!

You’ll see things in a way you never have before, and that new perspective can make all the difference.

7. Be focused, inspired & motivated

Ok seriously, it’s just the BEST when you’re excited to work on your projects! 

When you’re doing stuff because you want to (not because you have to), it feels good to be in flow and everything just clicks.

8. You'll actually use it 

Literally just 5 minutes is all it takes. And you’ll always know what to say since the prompts make it fun and fresh!

And if you don’t feel like using it every day? No sweat. The pages are undated, so just pick up where you left off.

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