Have customers singing

“You’re the one that I want! Ooo ooo ooo, honey”

while you laugh all the way to the bank

Have customers saying

“You’re the one I want!

while you laugh all the way to the bank


Your phone jolts to life with a notification.

*Buzz* *Buzz*

Still pinging uncontrollably, you check what’s going on - and see your lock screen is FULL of payment notifications.

“Very few people have mastered the gift of communication like Katie Momo"
Rachel Pedersen, The Viral Touch
"Queen Of Social Media"

The best customers are head-over-heels "can’t get enough of you"

So how do you turn an ‘I only want the freebie’ lead into a “gimmie the buy button already!!!” raving fan?

(For real, this happens)

It's done word by word, my friend.

And straight up: I'm not a 'markety-marketer'.

If Tai Lopez is your spirit animal, you want "get-rich-quick" skeeziness, and show what a baller you are with private jets and rented Lambos - I’m not your gal.

I reach people where it counts. Right here → ❤️

That’s how you create lifelong loyal customers who buy EVERYTHING you sell.

​​Cool?  Cool.

Next, take the…

“Are You Ready To Hit It?” Quiz

I want you to make the most of our time together, so see if we're ready to get this party started by asking yourself these 4 'yes or no' questions...

You have (or will have!) something to sell
We’re talking an online course, membership, digital product, physical product, group program, mastermind, coaching, or event that gets real-world measurable results​!

 You have an audience (or you're actively building one)
Copy only does the job when the right people read it​, so ​it's best if you have people who like (even love!) to hear from you.

 Your product is a winner
You've tested the waters and have validated your product’s gonna fly.

 You’ll put in the elbow grease
I need to borrow your brain, you smartypants you! I can only use what I’ve been given, so gimme the goods and be on-call during writing day in case I need clarification as I work through your copy!  🙌

Answered “yes” to all 4 Qs?
Step this way!

3 ways to work with me!

Whether you want a full or half day, choose the package that’s right for you.

I work on time-based packages so you get on my calendar faster - and copy written sooner!

Full Day

6 hours of copy goodness


Ooo, tell me more!

Apply now + get this party started

Half Day

3 hours of copy goodness


Ooo, tell me more!

Apply now + get this party started

Express Sesh

1 hour of copy goodness


Ooo, tell me more!

The fastest way to work with me

You might've seen me here

Questions people have before booking a Smash Hit Sales Sesh

Don't see your question answered here?  Send me a love note the with Facebook Messenger doohicky hanging out in the lower right corner!

 "When can I book you?"
I book up quick, so if you’re thinking about a Smash Hit sesh I recommend applying ASAP so you don’t miss the boat. 

How soon you get on the calendar depends on my schedule.

In the application you'll tell me what date you need copy by.  If it works, I'll get you on the calendar as soon as I can.  Click here to get the ball rolling!

 "How does it work?"

Here's the process step by step:

1 - Request a Smash Hit session

2 - If it's a go you'll pay, sign the contract, and book the date

3 - You'll get a Google Doc to fill out with everything I need to write

4 - On the day we'll have a kickoff call so any questions I have get answered.  (I may message you throughout the session if any clarification is needed)

5 - At the end of the session you'll get the Google Doc with your copy and any recommendations for your next steps!

Coolio?  Let's do this.

 “How long will it take to write my copy?”

Check out ooo tell me more! listed in the Full Day and Half Day options to get an idea of what can be produced in a certain timeframe.  

I can also give you a better idea once you apply and give me more deets.

 “What if my copy isn’t finished in the time I booked?”
Smash Hit Sessions are time blocks, not completed projects. If more work is needed you’ll be briefed on your next steps so you know what to do next.

I’ll polish your copy throughout the session. As this is time-based, additional revisions and editing are not included once the buzzer goes.

You can also continue the awesome by booking another day.

 “Do you like puppies?”
​Yes, yes I DO! Thank you for asking. You’re so sweet.

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