November 29

Write Click-Worthy Posts With This Dirty Little High School Habit


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Don’t know how to write to keep people hooked on every word?

You’ve got what it takes.

It’s in there… buried under years (decades?) of pretending “oh no you di’int!”


Think back to high school, or even your work water cooler.


How would you tell a juicy piece of gossip?

I know, I know – gossip’s not cool.

But c’mon, it’s not like you’ve never gossiped before, right? We’re all friends here. Drop the squeaky-clean act and admit that Back In The Day you maybe, kinda, sorta gossiped by your locker as you traded up your math textbook (gross) for English Lit (yay!).

At least, you know enough about gossip to know how it goes.



You wouldn’t just blurt it all out.

Hell no.

You’d milk it.

Draw it out as long as you can.

Increasing tension & drama…

Raising dopamine-pumping curiosity…

Which literally keeps people hooked on a (totally safe, 100% natural, and wildly powerful) drug.



You’ve got all the cards. Now you gotta play your hand and not show it too soon

Let’s see this in action.


Standard post:

Facebook announces new algorithm change


Ugh, boring.

Just gimme a sec to wipe the sleep-induced drool from the corner of my mouth.

Now let’s gossip-ify it…

OMG. The last time this happen you went BERSERK.


The crumbling conversion rate.

Your Facebook page? A ghost town.

And don’t even get me STARTED on what happened with ads.


Hate to break it to ya…

But it’s happening.

Here’s what you need to do to protect yourself…


Which one would you want to read?


Tease and tempt your audience ’till they’re nearly stir crazy. They’ll absolutely lap it up when you share what’s next. 😉






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