November 29

No you don’t need 47,198 bonuses to sell your product. Here’s why.


The temptation.

"Buy my Thing! And you’ll also get…"

  • 4 other complete programs which are all of greater value than the original!
  • A shot at naming my first born!
  • A Barrel Of Monkeys… REAL MONKEYS!
  • A pair of two round trip tickets to my hometown!
  • 78 hours of personal coaching from me!
  • I will literally do EVERYTHING for you! All the thingsssss!

Hold up.

After all, if Friends is right (and why would pop culture lie?), helper monkeys are a total handful.

And beyond the helper monkey misnomer, the eleventy million bonuses are truly working against you.

It casts doubt about your main product.

"If it’s that good, why do they need a bajillion other items to come with it?

It’s overwhelming as hell.

"I don’t have time to visit Bagotville! If I’m gonna go anywhere it’s to a white sand beach, not a rinky-dink town in the middle of nowhere!"


Too many bonuses (and the wrong ones) can work against you.

A couple strategically designed bonuses will tip sales in your favour.

You are enough. Your product is enough.

Launch, launch baby.


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