​How to get attention right away

One thing I hear peeps stress over all the time…

“I don’t know how to be snappy!”

There's this weird pressure to have short ’n’ snappy copy.

But that shizz is a myth, yo.

Ever used a fill-in-the-blank template which is supposed to create “perfect” copy and… it’s SO NOT YOU? 🙈

Yep! That’s just it.

If you’re not normally quick and snappy when you talk, it doesn’t feel authentic in copy either ❤️

And your peeps know it - if the vibe is ‘off’ they don’t connect.

Here’s the deal…

​A catchy message doesn’t come from a stock template,

it comes from saying what your people need to hear.

Read that again.

There’s no one Universally Catchy Message.

What attracts 1 kinda person does nuthin’ for somebody else.

“Catchy” is relative to your peeps, and what they want - and one thing they want is you and the way you do things!

Now, one place you’ve gotta hook people right away is the headline.

Cuz if you don’t get them there, byeeeee! They’re gone-zo. They need to know right away if this is for them.

​That's your headline's job...

​There are 5 kinds of headlines I love to use on a homepage​

(here's one of my favs!)

And you don’t even have to write it 🙌

Yup, some of the BEST headlines ever might be written by your clients.

Here’s your #copyhack: Use a client quote or testimonial as a headline.

They can speak to EXACTLY what other people JUST LIKE THEM need to hear, so it’s a perfect magnet to attract more dream clients.

Alright, you’ve got their attention...

Now let’s talk about how to connect with your dream clients and bring them one step closer to a sale.

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