Maybe you're wondering,

​“Do I really NEED all this copy?

Who’s gonna read it?”


BUYERS. Buyers read it.

drops mic

Waaaaait, that was just for effect…

*awkwardly pics mic up*

Anyway, you need to...

Show this person you Get It

1. You get what they’re struggling with.

2. You get what they want.

When you reflect those 2 things on the page, *DING DING DING!*

It’s a sure sign you’re The One to help them.

Aaaaaaand how do you do that? Words, baby!

That’s why you can’t have a flaky homepage with just some pretty brand photos.

Your photos are gorge (really!) but unless you’re a photographer, that’s not what makes people connect and get ready for the next step.

Speaking of next steps, we’re getting into HOW to get someone to take that ’next step’ with you!

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