​8 YEARS...

8 freaking years I have waited, waited for this moment.

… and it ends as soon it begins.

If you’ve watched Suits, you’ve seen the sexy repartee between Donna and Harvey (they even have a cute couple name, Darvey).

But they don’t get together. IT’S EXCRUCIATING.

Exhibit A:



The season 8 finale.

Think I’ll be back for Season 9?

Uhhh you betcha!!!

​That’s beauty of Hook 3: the cliffhanger

When you tease something they want, and how to get it, phew - YOU’VE GOT THE POWER.

Now you can turn attention into getting them to the next step.

Make no mistake, watching TV feels passive - but it’s an action.

​The lure of that show has to supersede EVERYTHING ELSE IN THEIR LIFE to win attention.

Episode after episode.
Week after week.
Year after year.

Daaaayum that’s powerful shizz!

So how can you use it?

​Be a tease, you sassy little minx, you

On your sales page…
Tease the awesome outcome they’ll get from buying!

In email campaigns… 
Tease the goodness that’s in your next message!

Right here (oh SNAP)… 
Tease the knowledge bombs (gross I know, using it anyway 😅) droppin' on the next page!

Anytime you want someone to do anything, tease the goodness they'll get on the other side of the click.

Check out this PS which teases what’s in the next message:

And ya, they gotta wait for that email. Just like waiting for the next season of your fav show 😉

K, now you know how to get attention, and how to turn attention to action.

​But how do you KEEP attention?

Cuz if you lose peeps halfway through, you can’t bring them to the next step.

Here’s the missing middle piece that makes it all work >>

(Psst… this works no matter how drab, dry or dull your topic seems!)

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