Don't launch (do this instead!)

Grab your earbuds to listen!

Ok, this one’s gonna ruffle some feathers cuz it goes against a lot of the conventional wisdom out there.

What is it?

*looks around to see if anyone is watching*

Make your premium program available all year round, 365 days a year

That’s right. No launch.

Let’s be honest, launching is exhausting and stressful.

But I know you’ll be like ‘BUT DON’T PEOPLE NEED FOMO TO BUY???’

I dunno, I buy a lot of things without a countdown timer egging me on. (My Visa can attest to that 😉

But for reals though, you can STILL have urgency. It just doesn’t have to be manufactured FOMO. (More on authentic urgency later!)

​If people are shelling out high-ticket prices they want a high-ticket experience

That means serving them ASAP.

When I fly business class I’m the first on the plane. That’s one of the perks. I’m tucked into my pod sipping champagne while the rest of the people lug their crap down the aisles and shoehorn themselves into their chair.

And when you have a premium offer that solve someone's problem, you don't need to create false urgency around it.

They’ve got their own internal motivation to get ‘er done, and that’s a hell of a lot more compelling (and nicer!) than pushing them with some arbitrary deadline.

Now they can buy on THEIR schedule, not YOURS.

And when you have a compelling enough offer that solves a big enough problem, there’s lots of people who need that problem solved. You don’t need to put the pressure on! 🎉

When you have an offer that aligns with The Core Four and it solves a burning need, you have people coming to you - and it’s all on their own internal drive.

​Solving their big problem in a snap feels AMAZING and serves them in a deeply powerful way.

Next, you’ll see how to prove that your offer is oh-so-worth-it.

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