​“I have to call you back”

“Is everything ok?” My husband sounded worried. 

Fair, I’m klutzy enough to hurt myself doing simple things like removing an avocado pit 🥑 (true story)

“Ya, I just started watching The Crown and it’s CRAZY.”

“So there’s a flashback to the war where American soldiers dig up secret German war documents...

And it’s dirty enough to bring down the ENTIRE monarchy!!”

Ooo, juicy. Better than any high school gossip I ever got to take part in. (Prolly cuz I was a huge nerd, but anyway)

First, if you haven’t watched The Crown - for gawdsakes stop listening to the 18th podcast ep about building funnels and watch it already. Sooooo goood!!!!

Second, see how it sucks you in?

No backstory,
No lead up,
No boring-ass intro.

That’s The Binge Effect Hook 1: Start with the good stuff!

And this isn’t just a TV trick, I use it in biz all the time.

Take email...

You have like, 0.3721 seconds to get someone’s attention in the inbox

And if your stuff is boring AF, good luck.

Check this snoozer…

What IS that?! I’m sorry Asana, your service is great but your emails are BALLS.

(There’s so much wrong with this email I could #rant on it alone, but let’s focus on this 1 problem: IT’S BORING)

Boring is a buzzkill bizkill

Here’s a narcolepsy-inducing email intro for a personal brand.

*taps you lightly on shoulder* Did you fall asleep on the keyboard? 

(Upside - if you wake up in a sweaty panic at 3:06 AM wondering where your next sale will come from, read this to soothe yourself back to beddy byes.)

​On the flip, see how I started this page

I SUCKED YOU IN LIKE… erm yeah, this could end badly.

I GOT STRAIGHT DOWN TO BID’NESS. Hmm, not much better.

K let’s sidestep the awkward innuendo metaphors and focus on what matters:

​You’re still here ​

Hook 1 makes it binge-worthy for the get-go.

This ‘cold open’ TV technique guarantees your butt is glued to the couch - even before the opening credits roll.

Cold opens from The Office: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Now that you HAVE attention, KEEP it

First tho, let’s talk how to turn attention into action. 

Ever wished you could get people do DO STUFF? ✨ #likemagic

Huzzuh!  You can. 

It works to get leads.
It works to get sales.
Sometimes it even works on your shmoopsie-poo. 

Get people doing what you WANT them to do  >>

Promise you’ll only use these powers for good, k?

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