It's no surprise THIS makes the list!

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I want you to be on the rampage for every single success story and win that people have - and document them like crazy!

But there’s one kind of social proof that often gets overlooked... and it’s a doozy.

​When you use collective social proof you’ll have dream clients asking “how can I work with you?”

​Find the ONE metric that’s so freaking mind blowing and really speaks to your people - and track it.

Like how many people have you helped in total?

How much money have you collectively hoped people earn? Save?

How many days a week have you helped people cut from their workweek?

Use whatever metric is powerful to your dream clients. And keep adding to your calculation as the number grows!

With Sarah, I asked “how much have your challenge launch clients earned in total from working with you?”

​She added it up...

And blew her OWN mind when she realized the number was over $350,000 💥

(Talk about an instant confidence boost!)

We worked that into her messaging and positioning, and she got dream clients reaching out asking how they could snag a spot on her calendar.

So look for that mind-blowing collective social proof that shows you know your stuff!

In the next sesh, we talk about how to position your offer so it goes from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘MUST HAVE!’

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