There are 4 things people happily shell out big bucks for

Grab your earbuds to listen!

Meet the money-makin' Core Four:

Health, wealth, relationships, and personal development.

You’ve gotta connect then dots and show how your offer helps relates to one of these categories, and how it gets them more of what they want.

Basically, anything that helps us fulfill a biological need is something that we can't ignore. We're hardwired to want to live longer, to be healthier, to build a family.

Say you help people with their business. That’s in the wealth category, and wealth fulfills basic needs like food and shelter.

No matter how new our iPhone is, or how luxurious our vacation is - at the end of the day we’re still built to fulfill the simple things that keep us going.

​Which category does your offer fall into?

​When you align your offer with one of the 4 categories which help us fulfill a primal need we can’t ignore...

Suddenly your offer shifts from "nice to have" to "MUST HAVE!”
There's also our mental accounting. We can justify spending money - even huge gobs of money - if it satisfies a need.

So in the comment area below, share the category that your offer aligns with!

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