​It's time to raise your damn prices already! 🙌

Grab your earbuds to listen!

​Once you know how much your offer is worth to somebody, now you've got leverage and knowledge to price your offer accordingly.

No more pulling numbers out of the air and crossing your fingers and hoping it works, because you're basing it on something VERY real - and on something that they VERY much want.

Like in the last example, the offer was $5,000 but the return on that was 10X that over a year. Now 5k feels really doable when compared to the $50,000 that they’ll likely get out of it!

Of course you need to understand your dream client and factor in their current situation.

Here’s the kicker...

If they really ARE your dream clients, they'll be in the right position for this offer, and they'll recognize the value they'll get out of it.

And when you know that... raise your damn prices already! 😉

So what takes an offer from run-of-the-mill to high ticket and high demand?
I spill the missing ingredient in the next sesh.

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