​Building your business entirely on social is playing Russian Roulette with your revenue

​Slack pinged with this message from my VA:

“Something fishy” was right.

My Facebook page got deleted.

❌ No more audience.
❌ No more ads.
❌ No more videos.
❌ No more posts.

​Everything I’d created - wiped away in an instant

Next, I got locked out of my personal Facebook account for a day.

​Then Instagram.

Umm, is now a good time to freak out???

It’s tempting to scoff and play Monday Morning Quarterback (is that right?? I suck at sport references), thinking I should’ve had backups of content etc etc but….

​It’s so ​EASY

It’s EASY to get lulled into complacency when things work.

It’s EASY to make a post - #boom. Get instant responses. No fiddle faddling.

And with coaches chirping “just use social! Just use Facebook! Just use Instagram!” it’s EASY to think it’s just how things are done now.

But that doesn’t mean it’s right.

​If it happened to me, it could happen to ​anyone

And it did.

After going public about losing my page, I got anxious messages from others in the same boat.  What do we do?!

A lady I sat next to at a cafe revealed her Instagram account (COUGH her business COUGH) disappeared overnight.

Like me, these people knew the Terms Of Service and towed the line.

One false notification, one glitch in the system, and biz comes to a screeching halt

I never thought it would happen to me, but it did.

And no matter how hard I appealed it, it was gone. Gone-Girl-gone.

So remember the traffic we talked about?

You’ve gotta DO something with it to grow your business, instead of simply feeding the social media machine...

And cutting yourself out of the equation.

Use social as an asset, instead of it being a liability

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