Social is a crazy house party

You meet cool peeps.
You have great conversations.
You swap ideas, shoot the breeze, get MAJOR ‘ahas!’

But at any point, the cops can show up and kick errrrryone out.

That’s why you gotta invite peeps back to your place to keep the conversation going. 

On top of that...

Visit OTHER people's parties 🎉

There are ready-made communities full of perfect-for-you peeps.

Meet dream clients in FB groups…
Get featured on a Facebook live…
Record a YouTube interview…

​Are you ready to make the most of those opportunities?

By the way…

This is the main way I built MY list.

Imagine being invited by the community leader to share your gift in front of hundreds of people who are PERFECT for your offer.

(Also, I'm often paid to do this!)

In Part 6 you’ll see how to make an intro which gets the attention not only of dream clients, but also from people with authority  🙌

​So what do you do at any party?

Introduce yourself… and answer the dreaded question “so what do you do?”

Here’s how to make an introduction that gets dream clients knockin’ on your digital door.

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