Make people go CRAZY for everything you create!

What if people RAVED about you to their BFF (and everyone else)?

Obsessively read, watched, listened to everything you made?

And jumped at the chance to grab your next offer?

That's what happens with The Binge Effect.

Ever had Netflix ask, “Are you still watching?”

It’s no accident you're still there.

TV poured BILLIONS into perfecting the system for captivating us - episode after episode, year after year.

I had to crack the code.

"How do they do it - and how can we use it for business?"

I reverse-engineered The Binge Effect

And uncovered the 3 hidden Hooks

They work for EVERY kinda content. Emails, sales page, courses, blogs, posts, vids, podcasts...

These triggers make peeps ‘hashtag obsessed!!!’ with everything you create (and want more, more, MORE).  #kaching

The biggest threat to your biz ain’t the competition

It’s indifference.

Making a post… and people scroll by.

Creating an offer… and nobody buys.

The defining silence is crushing.

The Hooks rip off the Cloak of Invisibility so you STAND OUT - and attract your peeps like gals in Uggs are drawn to Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

​Cuz before you sell anything…

Or have a sales conversation…
Or even score an email address…

You need 1 thing.


Instagram knows it. Facebook knows it.

Their most valuable asset? Attention - that they sell as ads.

Start using The Binge Effect to effortlessly:

1. Get attention
2. Keep attention
3. Turn that attention into action

… so you get more calls booked, buttons clicked, and money zapped into your account 🙌

I lay out how to use the 3 Hooks in the next few pages.

First, here’s how get attention straight outta the gate >>

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