​Hey you,

Over the next few pages you'll get copy tips that will make it easier for you to write a homepage that's irresistible to dream clients.

Whether you're a program creator, coach or service provider - this will be immediately useful to you.

It’s long, but I know you’re in it for the long game ❤️


You want a site you’re PROUD to share

And gets customers ready to make the leap and Stripe over the internet monies to you.

But you’ve been staring at that friggin’ blinking cursor in your Google Doc foreeeever... 

This page ain't writing itself.

You're down the rabbit hole,

Creeping on your competitor’s site for inspo (whyyyyy is their site so rad?!)

Googling bland blog posts which don't help you write a damn thing,

And creeping back to the kitchen for another handful of Cheese-Its. Or chocolate. Or both.

*dusts off Cheese-Its crumbs before typing*

Over the next few pages you’ll get practical tips to write your site 

(without the damn drama, snacks, or total spazzfest!)

Your homepage has 3 big jobs:

Captivate future dream customers (and get potential hellclients to fuggoff before they get a step closer)

Connect with them so they’re like “where have you been all my lifeeeee?”

Convert them into a lead, and well on their way to becoming a buyer.

No pressure right?

Stick with me, sis. It’s easier than it sounds.

I know it’s probs easy for me to say since I’ve written copy that’s banked over 12 million for clients…

But as a copy coach I’ve helped people who ‘hate writing’ and ‘aren’t good writers’ turn their words into money. (Even have fun doing it!) You’re in a good place babe 😉

Over the next few pages we'll cover...

 How to sound natural and totally you - buh-bye stiff boring robot copy

 The unusual way to write faster (hint… no writing! 🙌)

 How to get attention the second someone lands on your page

 The 2 things your homepage must say to make dream clients see you’re The One for them

 How to turn your homepage into a reliable lead source that fuels your biz

And more, but I won't keep you any longer from digging into the good stuff! :)

First, there’s 1 thing you’ve gotta know before writing another word…

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