I wanna let you in on a lil’ secret…

You ARE a good writer

… Even if you totally sucked in school. (Actually, especially if you sucked in school!)

What gets an A in school gets a Z in business - as in, zero dollars.

Here’s the dealio yo,

​If you can talk, you can write great copy

Betcha have YEARS of experience doing that. Ya? Ya.

That’s cuz copy is conversational, not “propah” writing like you learned in school.

See, the way we talk and the way we’re taught to write are TOTALLY different.

And writing that's “wrong” is oh-so-right

If you put the highest converting copy through Grammarly it would EXPLODE 💥 

Screw perfection.  In copy, 'bad writing' is the right kinda wrong.


​Perfect is boring.
Perfect gets ignored.
Perfect is bad for business.

​Ditch the rules (and judgement) and just write. #youvegotthis

Next you'll learn a super-simple hack for sounding natural and totes 'you' (it can even help you write faster!  🙌)

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