Get more people joining your online course or program

Get more people joining your online course or program

With a sales page copy makeover!

Want your sales page to convert higher?

You’ve got a proven program with a history of happy clients, your launch is down pat, and there's oodles of testimonials.

But you haven’t given your sales page the love it needs because you’re so busy keeping things running. (Not to mention that copy isn’t your “thing!”)

I’ll give your sales page the conversion-boosting makeover it needs so you get more people signing up!

How it works

First I go through your data (surveys, testimonials, screenshots) to find what matters most to your buyers.

Next I analyze your copy and identify where the gaps are on your sales page.

Then I strategically refine or rewrite your page so it says exactly what buyers need to see!

"I need to  Raise  my prices!"

"I'm reading through my sales page and I'm like,

'Holy shit, my program is SO VALUABLE! I'm not charging enough for this, I need to raise my prices!'

I'm so confident talking about my program now since you laid out all the important points that people need to hear."  

- Sandra De Freitas

She Sold out   her program!

We transformed Jo's program into a high-ticket offer that made her EXCITED about her business again - and she sold every spot!

"Working with Katie felt like I had a partnership with someone who had my business and mine's best interests in mind.

Katie rocks.  You need her in your life.

Super professional, over deliverer rockstar copy legend who genuinely cares about your business results."

- Jo Bendle 

Get my million-dollar expertise on your copy!

Hello! I’m Katie Momo, copy expert for online courses and programs. My clients have banked over $12 million dollars in sales.

I’m literally obsessed with copy! I’ve seen firsthand the night-and-day difference great copy makes:

If you want more students joining your course, it’s time for a copy upgrade. 

So what's the best bang for your buck? It’s NOT starting from scratch - it’s by building on what’s already working.

That’s why I specialize in optimizing your existing sales page. It already converts, now let’s kick it up a notch so it kicks ass!

And I don’t randomly guess at what to improve, or faff it up just so it ‘sounds good’ (but doesn’t help your sales).

I pour over your client surveys, testimonials and screenshots to find why they buy and make data-driven copy upgrades.

(Got screenshots up the wazoo? Survey results you never look at? COME TO MAMA. I know exactly what to do with it all!)

Let’s talk about how we can give your sales page some lovin’ so it makes people go “OMG this is what I’ve been looking for!”

Your next step

Click here to send me a message on Facebook!

Let me know you’re interested in a Copy Makeover, and send a link to your sales page so I can take a look.

We’ll have a quick chat to see what needs to be done, what it would cost, and if this is a good fit for you!

“Very few people have mastered the gift of communication like Katie Momo"

Rachel Pedersen, The Viral Touch
"Queen Of Social Media"

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