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I'm a sales copywriter with a decade of experience.

What I do

I write websites and emails for businesses to sell their products and services.

Who I help

I work with many different kinds of businesses, including:

• Professional services like coaches, freelancers and healthcare professionals

• Online stores that sell products

• Courses, memberships and programs

Like these wonderful clients:


A Registered Dietitian who helps people with digestive issues to heal their gut.

I wrote the sales page and emails that sell her service.


Helps people grow food in their yard by supplying organic seeds and fruit trees.

I wrote pages, emails, and promotions for the online shop.


Shows Black and Brown professionals how to navigate Corporate America and land their ideal roles.

I wrote pages, emails, and video scripts to sell her coaching program.

My experience

  • My clients have made over $12 million dollars in sales
  • I've had my own copywriting business for 10 years
  • Worked in social media at a billion-dollar organization
  • Was the Director of Marketing for a luxury brand

Why you should refer me

  • Long track record of client success
  • Clients work with me personally (not outsourced to an inexperienced junior like at an agency)
  • Easy to work with, I don't make clients jump through hoops. I take things off their plates
  • Fun! Clients truly enjoy working with me
  • Clients are thrilled with the outcome: “This is EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to say, I just couldn’t put it into words!”

What clients say about my work

“You’re the best freelancer I’ve EVER worked with.

You are so organized, deliver on time, and the work is always top-notch. I refer you all the time.” - Deborah

“With my new copy I feel so confident in my offer and really see the value of it. I realized I have to raise my prices!” - Sandra

"We DOUBLED our sales goal! We had so many people wanting to join the program that we had to open 2 cohorts!" - Ronda

How to refer me

It’s super easy! You’ve got options:

Introduce us
I’m on many platforms, so choose what is best for you:

Email: hello@katiemomo.com

Facebook message

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LinkedIn message

Contact me directly
Have them get in touch using the form on this page, or the email address or social platforms listed above.

Follow me
I’m most active on Instagram. They can find me by clicking here or by searching @hellokatiemomo

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